Cargo or freight forwarder

Cargo or freight forwarder

What is cargo or freight forwarder?:

The term cargo or freight forwarder comes when you want to move your cargo from one place to another. And, you ask for help of a logistics company which may send a truck to unload your products, pick and pack, and transport wherever you instruct. Though, some aspects including fuel prices, international trade, and economic positions have unexpectedly increased the cost of that trip, there is solution called container shipping which combines one or more companies’ cargo and set out for a single destination. For this reason, the distance and cost do not impact a lot on the freight forwarding for a company. The people who are involved to do these moving jobs and combine a series of carries are usually called “brokers”. Now-a-days, the term “brokers” has been changed by “freight forwarding companies” as they need to ensure the responsibility of cargo or freight delivery to clients’ requested destination.

How cargo forwarder works:

Freight forwarding companies may begin their service as direct shippers, but they actually perform the activities like brokers, too. Picking up your freight on pallets and loading them by a truck, which will have the name of freight forwarding company, at your warehouse, the company may shift the carriers to airplane or ship or train. After that, the freight can be back to truck again. The whole process depends on the freight forwarder. The company or the broker will be the sole responsible to keep track of shipment and ensure a strong network of carriers that helps get the cargo transferred to its desired place faster and cost effective too. A computerized reporting system is usually established by freight forwarders to locate a shipment so that customers can easily check at any time where their cargo is. Any logistics company as a freight forwarder must have license to operate their activities like carriers in any state. Likewise, the international forwarder, who provides logistics services overseas, must need to have appropriate licenses of export and import for any country they wish to work. Additionally, The forwarders who do their job as prime contractors must confirm the proper licensing of each carrier, including maritime and aviation licenses, they employ  for the task. A freight forwarder must have exclusive logistics system for tracking shipment, following up deliveries when products are moved along, confirming carrier changes, and so on. Besides, it is the broker’s duty to package shipments properly, order for necessary containers, and send them in a place for carriers. Sometimes, forwarders may hire customs specialist for operating overseas shipments, with export and import processes.

Who the freight forwarders are:

Actually, freight forwarders are authorized agents having attorney influence for their clients. Most of them carry legal and accounting staff to make sure that their activities are fully followed by national and international rules. After collecting and gathering carrier or supplier billing, the forwarding company creates a billing statement for their customers and receive payment. Then they wage the individual carriers or suppliers. Today’s freight forwarders play more roles than freight carriers or shipping brokers. They take the risk of movement of goods, worth of billions of dollars, to many countries every day. At advantix logistics, we understand clients’ demands and have a perfect match with the qualities mentioned above.

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