Air freight forwarding

Air freight forwarding

Air freight forwarding provides a faster way to ship cargo.  It is best for goods that are perishable and those that need to be delivered in the soonest time possible.

As an air freight forwarder, Advantix Logistics has demonstrated its exceptional ability to choose the best procedure in the packaging of different types of cargo.  Even the ones which require specialized and delicate handling like medicines, medical products, medical equipment, as well as electronic components such as semiconductors are provided with suitable packaging so that they are delivered in perfect shape. It also ensures the speedy and efficient delivery of cargoes anywhere in the world, providing routes that are not only safe but also provides for a faster way in which to deliver them. This, aside from packaging cargo with utmost care, puts Advantix Logistics a notch above other air freight forwarding companies.

For all your air freight forwarding needs, Advantix Logistics designs an appropriate and suitable solution.

  • Providing intact transportation of products.  Rather than letting the airline loads freights into the ULD (unit load device), they are loaded at Advantix Logistics facilities.  This curtails the possibility of exposing the cargoes to damage which both shipper and air freight forwarding companies are trying to avoid.  This procedure also ensures that no goods are left behind and that every cargo on the ULD is delivered at the right time and in the best shape.
  • Practicing JIT (just in time) strategy.  Through the Advantix Logistics information and management networks worldwide, the right kind of cargo is delivered at the right time in the right amount.  This is not only favourable to the shipper but is also beneficial to the air freight forwarding company.  This reduces overhead cost for both thus making the transaction cost-effective.
  • Accommodating cargoes that require special handling.  Cargoes that need distinct controls in temperature and humidity are provided with suitable conditions.  Food products such as dairy and other farm products are stored in refrigerated loading devices to safeguard them from spoilage.  With its broad knowledge and experience, Advantix Logistics can accommodate a wide range of cargoes, from large equipments that require ample space to small packages and fragile cargoes that require special care.
  • Providing door-to-door service.  Advantix Logistics is an air freight forwarding company which offer the prompt and direct movement of cargoes from its origin to its destination with least possible delays.
  • Complying with standards set by implementing agencies.  Freight forwarding companies must acquire certifications from various agencies such as the TAPA (transported asset protection association) and be an AEO (authorized economic operator) as proof that cargoes entrusted to them are secure.

Security is the foremost concern of any shipper.  They need assurance of the safe delivery of their cargoes, which means that cargoes must be free from damage with not one piece missing when they arrive at their destinations.

It is essential to do business with a company that have these and more.  To be secure, confident, and worry free, one must go to a reliable and trusted air freight forwarding company.


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