Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Haul Trucking

When you require transportation of the shipments that exceed the maximum allowed limit of weight carried by the standard trailers, heavy haul trucking comes to your rescue. This service is particularly useful when your shipments cannot be reduced to the extent of the maximum allowed legal weight for transportation. Advantix Logistics provides high quality heavy haul trucking services by taking special permits for transporting your products from different municipalities and states.

At Advantix Logistics, we serve our customers with heavy haul freight management through heavy haul trailers that include stretch trailers, detachable goose necks, trailers with extension, double drops, and axle trailers of various sizes. We provide matchless services of heavy equipment transporter for your over-weight cargo.

Overload Legal Requirements

The legal requirements of trailer including extension are 13’16’’ along height and 8’6’’ along width. The legal dimensions may vary with the State. In many cases, the shipments cannot be reduced to legal dimensions as these super-loads must be transported in their original state. Advantix Logistics restricts the services of heavy haul trucking to the shipment of a single unit of overload that can maximum be 80,000 pounds including the weight of truck and trailer in addition to the unit itself. The State, into which the cargo is being transported, controls the hauling cargo overweight requirements.

In order to provide the heavy equipment transporter services, we have a team of experts that deals with the legal requirements of over dimensional trucking. Large loads may cause damage to the property, roads, people or something else. Hence, the services of certified Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator (P/EVO) are necessary as heavy haul carriers to safely transport the heavy hauling cargo.

Advantix Logistics utilizes a special vehicle, PEVO that has flashing lights and poles at height to warn the passengers on the road. The heavy haul trucking is normally carried out during the day timings to minimize the risk of freight damage.

Advantix Logistics has vast experience of over dimensional freight management. We have successfully implemented over dimensional trucking in many cases in the past. Our cargo shipments are both safe and reliable. We prioritize safety of shipments over other factors.

Heavy Haul Trucking Via Stretch Trailers

There are two forms of stretch trailers as described below.

Removable Goose Neck (R.G.N)

The special feature of RGN is its detachable neck that allows the front to take the form of a ramp that allows ease of shipment. RGN type heavy haul trailers take carry weight up to 100,000 pounds.

Extendable Flatbed

Some over dimensional freight has large length that cannot be transported on standard flatbed trailers. For such kind of shipments, extendable flatbeds are used which act as stretch trailers.


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