Expedited Service

Expedited Service

As the name implies, the expedited service provides provision of special delivery date to the clients so that shipment is transported quickly. For this service, clients are charged somewhat extra. If shipment is not delivered in time, standard rates will apply for your cargo.
At Advantix Logistics, we provide fast and quick delivery of your products to end users. Our aim is to deliver your products safely and securely to your customers within the allotted time in excellent condition. We can deal with any kind of shipment, whether it is temperature sensitive or overweight. We have established high valued expedited freight systems. Our expedited service provides shipments to end users within the same day or sometimes overnight as well. We provide unparalleled expedited freight that is available for customers around the clock. We facilitate our customers as much as we can.

Pros of Choosing Expedited Services of Advantix Logistics

Advantix Logistics is the most reliable host for urgent and expedited services throughout a wide horizon of Canada, USA, and Mexico. We manage our freight management according to your schedule. It has all the required functionality of matchless freight carriers. We have the provision of specialized vehicles to suit your shipments in the form of following expedited freight systems.

Cargo and Sprinter Van

  • Our specialized cargo and sprinter van can transport heavy equipments up to 3000 pounds weight.
  • Our cargo beds have size between 8 to 12 feet in length.
  • Our cargo and sprinter van has the provision of carrying 2/3 pellets.
  • The services of cargo and sprinter van are available 24 hours a day, throughout the year.

Straight Truck

  • Our straight trucks can hold up to 12500 pounds shipment as expedited freight.
  • The interior box has variable length between 12 to 24 feet as freight carriers.
  • For rear floor, we have option of “dock high”.
  • Inside the truck, we have height of 88 to 102 feet after keeping the door open.
  • Our straight trucks are available for our clients at all times.

Truckload (TL)

  • Our dry van trailers of air ride-type have sizes ranging between 48 to 53 feet.
  • Such type of vehicles is designed for maximum load of 44,000 pounds.
  • The total area of these trucks is 110’’ along height versus 102’’ along width.
  • Our unparalleled services are available round the clock for you.
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