Dry Freight Trucking

Dry Freight Trucking

Advantix Logistics provides easy solutions to supply chains of the world’s leading companies. We make sure that your dry freight shipments are transported efficiently to the end users safely and reliably. We have a specialized team that helps you in dry freight trucking services. We ensure that the products are kept in safe conditions. We offer better solutions than conventional trucking services that charge a heavy amount for their tours.

Advantix Logistics provides two kinds of solutions to dry freight trucking problems for clients namely, Full-Truckload and Less-Than-Truckload as described below.

Full-Truckload (FL)

At Advantix Logistics, we provide the best solutions to freight services clients who cannot afford to include trucking services in their supply chain by themselves. Our team guides them about the trucking requirements of their dry shipments. We have plenty of options in terms of freight trucking depending upon the size of trailers and shipment requirements. We usually offer dry van freight trucking services to our clients with trailers of standard dimensions of 53”L and 102”W or 48”L and 96”/102”W. The clients must make measure the interior dimensions of their dry shipment to pack closely in the trailer. Dry van trucking reserves the whole truck for the particular client. The price will depend upon the size of the dry van freight. The rates may be high but the services are exceptional. We have great security system to guard the dry freight trucking against theft.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

LTL is utilized when the size of your shipment is less than the standard dimensions of the trailer. Such kind of shipment may be complex, but our team will guide you through the process of choosing the best trailer for your shipments at reasonable prices. You will share the trailer with products from other clients. So, the price for hiring the dry van trucking services is distributed among the clients. The charges are quite reasonable as compared to hiring the full fledge trailer for small shipments.

The clients have complete access to the status of their shipments. Freight services are transparent to the maximum extent. Some priceless features of Advantix Logistics are as follows.

  • Optimization of requirements of freight trucking in terms of rates and security
  • Providing digital receipt for very shipment
  • Offering the best combination of rates and quality dry freight trucking services
  • Efficient LTL services for clients

In short, freight management is a specialized business that Advantix Logistics ensures for optimizing your supply chain management.

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